License To Law #2

July 26, 2009 - 12:44pm

Another comic from re-visiting my law school comic strip.  This one's not based on an old one directly although all of the characters were in the school strip. I posted the finished one (scanned into PS, lettered in MS and then saved for the web in PS) and the rough for comparison (right now, I sketch in blue pencil, go over in ink).  I need to figure out if you can do the inter-bubble connector for double-bubbles in MS -- I did these in PS but that's an extra step it'd be nice to avoid if possible.

The professor was based on a number of professors I had at Hastings and Boston University (both of which were somewhat known -- at the time -- for poaching professors nearing retirement from other schools). Most of these guys were fantastically smart regardless of their interesting follicle follies.

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